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July 8, 2017


BAKERSFIELD, CA (July 8) – As of July 8th 2017, The SOXrescue Board of Directors voted and approved the name change from SOXrescue to MEOW co.

This decision came after months of discussion and debate amongst all Executive Staff and the Board of Directors. The motion to consider this rebranding was supported with supplemental data from our the site metrics, Google Analytics, and Google Search Engine Optimization analysis – all data illustrated that while the organization was performing well in respects to operations, it was struggling in the marketing and development departments.

The struggle in both departments was due in part that there was too much confusion about the organization’s objective with the proximal community. Data analytics as well as field market research had shown that the community was under the impression that the organization had nothing to do with supporting felines or rescue operations. Surveys had shown that the community believed that the organization was more geared toward humanitarian services relating to clothing or homeless aid. The interpretation of “SOX” was that of actual Socks, which are worn on people.

During the initial motion to adjust the organizations name on a few social media outlets to see how current supporters would react, the results were positive. There was a 60% increase in engagement overall with postings, and a 40% increase in organic growth with followers. This increased more so after the official decision was made by the Board of Directors – the official organizational Facebook page had similar organic growth with the temporary adjustment to the name – “SOXrescue MEOW co.”

Besides positive data analytics regarding the rebranding of the organization, Executive Director/Chairwoman Juarez believed that the name change was a better “fit” for how the organization was evolving during it’s current growth. Though the organization still conducts rescue operations, that is only a part of the overall day to day operations. The organization is expanding throughout the state at an exponential rate, with additional programs, and services.

The vote was made on July 8th 2017 during the monthly Board of Directors meeting – no voting member opposed the matter and it was passed. SOXrescue is officially MEOW co. – the element of “SOX” will still be an intricate factor within the organization as a “funding” program for community members in need of financial assistance for veterinary expenses.

About MEOW co.
MEOW co. is a nonprofit animal welfare organization dedicated to saving abandoned cats & kittens from euthanasia within municipal shelters throughout California. With a No-Kill Cat Shelter (CatCom) in Bakersfield, CA, MEOW co. provides care and shelter for felines being rescued from local shelters such as disables, senior, special needs, and neonatal. After a short stay within CatCom, felines that qualify for adoption are transported to one of MEOW co.’s Satellite Adoption Centers: Santa Maria, Porterville, Hanford, Inland Empire and Bakersfield South & East. Since it’s founding in 2012, MEOW co. has saved more than 700 felines from euthanasia and found loving Foreverhomes for over 500 of them. Save the Kitties.