A Domestic Shirt Hair named Mark is available for adoption at MEOW co. CatCom in Bakersfield, CA…


[expand title=”READ MY STORY”] Hi there! I’m Mark, you know like Mark Twain? I’m pretty chill, I run the cat room at MEOW co. I followed a family to their car after a football game and just hopped on in. I was ready for an adventure. They freaked when they saw me sneezing blood, but I was like whatever. When I arrived at MEOW co. they took me to see a guy, they picked me up the next day and my eye was gone. Turns out I have cancer! Removing my eye didn’t help, my cancer is too progressed, but my spirit never broke. I see that guy every month.. I don’t like him very much, he pokes me with a sharp shiny thing and puts some liquid type stuff in me, but I guess he’s okay. They don’t know how long I got to live, but I feel great for now. Will you sponsor me so I can continue to get my medication and live longer with MEOW co.? It would be pretty cool if you could. Thanks! 

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Breed: Domestic Shirt Hair (short coat)
Primary Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: Adult
Color: Gray Tabby
Sex: Male

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This feline was rescued from an abuse case.
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