Flying Out of Bakersfield: Saving Kitties via Air

Thursday May 25th marks one of the largest milestones within SOXrescue – it’s the day that we took our transports to the air.

We had our first successful flight out of Bakersfield Municipal Airport to our Santa Maria Satellite with pilot Al Dilger.

“I’m just happy to be able to help save more kitties from being euthanized and find a home,” said Dilger.

After weeks of planning and coordinating, we were able to get all the pieces in order: Transfer from County; Intake processing; Receiving at Satellite’s Airport; and the Flight Plan.

Taking our transports to the skies has opened up many more opportunities for SOXrescue, some being the expansion of our reach throughout California: Fresno, Santa Clarita, and Antelope Valley are currently in development for new satellite centers and more are in planning.

This satellite expansion will be able to nearly double our current adoption rates (currently: 9 adoptions for every 5 days).

Doubling the adoption rates also means doubling our impact in lowering the euthanasia rate in Kern County. To put this into perspective, 70-75% of our intake is from municipal shelters; 15% is surrendered; and 10% is abandoned at our center.


Save the Kitties

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