Volunteer Spotlight: Mikaella Estoque

Volunteering in any form is one of the most unique traits an individual can have – especially  when working within animal welfare. Our volunteers maintain our shelter, life saving programs, and projects 24/7, and they all have one thing in common: they do it all for the kitties. For this year’s Volunteer Appreciation Week, we’d like to recognize a few of our volunteers that have gone above & beyond with their service as well as their care and compassion for the kitties.


Meet Mikaella Estoque, from Bakersfield, CA who tells us what she loves most about her experience as a volunteer at the SOXrescue Cat Shelter. Mikaella has been volunteering with the organization since October of 2016 with some of her fellow class mates Since their first day working with SOXrescue, Mikaella has volunteered more than 100 hours with the kitties. She’s contributed to the kitties in various ways: Neonate Kitten Techs, Facility Care & Maintenance as well as Event Support. With her combined hours and additional training, Mikaella is currently a Senior Volunteer.

What made you want to volunteer with SOXrescue and return so many times throughout the year?

I volunteered at SOX because I don’t have any pets myself but I really do love animals. The shelter is a good place to be at to have hands on experience with helping cats and feeling like your making a difference.


When you volunteered with SOXrescue, what was your job?

My job at SOX is to clean the cat room but since it gets done pretty fast I go around helping out with anything else that needs help.

Which volunteer project or task would you say is your favorite?

My favorite task is cleaning the cat room.


Why is volunteering important to you?

Volunteering is important to me because I feel like I’m actually doing something beneficial.


Which volunteer moments were your favorites?

My favorite volunteer moments are interacting with the staff and getting to see new cats.


Was there a favorite kitty you met or worked with while volunteering?

I have a lot of favorite cats. My tops would be Atticus, Ollie, and Namastae but two of them are gone now so that just leaves Ollie.


What’s the most rewarding part of volunteering with the kitties for you?

The most rewarding part is seeing the cats grow to trust people more and becoming affectionate.


What’s the most difficult part?

The most difficult part about volunteering is Daniel but the shelter wouldn’t be the same without him or his jokes ☺️


Is there anything else you’d like to add about your volunteer experience with SOXrescue?

I really do recommend people to either try volunteering or interacting with the cats because with just one look I know they’ll win you over. It’s hard work but it’s totally worth the effort. I may have a slight allergy to cats myself but it hasn’t stopped me from helping.

If you’d like to volunteer with SOXrescue and join our mission to Save the Kitties, visit and fill out & submit our Volunteer Application. We look forward to working alongside you.

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