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600 Cats Saved From Euthanasia

600 Cats Saved From Euthanasia, Within One Year

I didn’t know Kitty  was going to be our 600th Rescue in Under a Year  when I went to pull from the the Kern County Animal Shelter – and, I didn’t find out until one of our data managers brought it up during processing.

For us, this news was something worth taking a few seconds to reflect on. Our staff has been rescuing at-risk felines almost nonstop throughout the year from local shelters.

If you haven’t already noticed, our strategies as an organization have shifted a bit from when we first opened our doors in Bakersfield, CA back in September 2016. We initially set up shop to be a Cat Cafe. We were planning on serving coffee, and snacks while visitors could enjoy the company of a furry friend. That plan changed when we truly experienced what was going on with the feline population in Kern County, CA.

We restructured the tiny building on Stockdale Hwy – ditched the couches, added more desks and working spaces. Revamped our Medical Unit and invested nearly all our resources in Neonate Kitten Care. Addressing the need of the community was one thing, but having the means to do so was another.

Over the past year, we spent time researching other agencies, talking with managers from shelters, and successful animal welfare organizations. We designed new plans for transportation, satellite center expansion, and new intake methods. We adopted a lot of our new tactics from the Million Cat Challenge:  Alternatives to Intake, Managed Admissions, Removing Adoption Barriers, and Trap Neuter Return Education.

It was this shift in our strategies that got us where we are today. We went from having Three (3) adoptions a month to Ten (10), then Twenty-Five (25), to currently averaging Sixty-Five (65) adoptions a month.

We just reached Five Hundred (500) adoptions the other day – we’ll reveal who the kitty and loving family are shortly.

It’s these new mission driven strategies and tactics that led us to being able to rescue Kitty, the Seven year old Diluted Torbie who was abandoned and left waiting for a foreverhome at the Kern County Shelter.

We immediately fell in love with Kitty  during our intake assessment, and knew we had to rescue her when I picked her up and she nuzzled her head into my neck.

Kitty  was rescued from one of the highest kill count counties in the country and was transported to our Santa Maria, CA Satellite Adoption Center. We couldn’t have made it this far it if it wasn’t for supporters such as yourself, our dedicated volunteers & staff, and collation partners like Kern County Animal Services – all working together to make our county and state “No-Kill.”

Here’s to the next 600 rescues. Save the Kitties.

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If you’d like to support our mission and help save more abandoned cats & kittens, please click the button above to make a donation. Thank you!

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