Cat Central Command (CatCom)


CatCom is the heart of all MEOW co. Operations. It’s a temporary home for 50 abandoned felines that are in processing from municipal animal control shelters to their foreverhomes.

The No-Kill Cat shelter assists disables, special needs, senior, neonatal, and felines with behavioral issues. Felines residing in CatCom are either placed in our Medical Unit for quarantine so they can receive the much needed medical attention they need before being transported to one of our Satellite Adoption Centers.

CatCom is also home to one of the few Neonatal Kitten Care Units (KCU) within Central California. Managed and run by highly trained volunteer Kitten Care Givers, it provides a safe have to hundreds of Abandoned Neonate Kittens. During Kitten Season, the CatCom KCU cares for an average of 300 bottle baby kittens. After being stabilized and processed through intake, neonate kittens are then transitioned to trained Foster Guardians, and then placed for adoption.

Our shelter is managed and run by more than 125 volunteers. If you’d like to Volunteer, please click HERE and complete an application.