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Low-cost Cat Hospital

Cat Hospital Hours

1215 Eye st., Bakersfield CA 93301

Walk-in Clinic: Every Friday from NOON-5PM *no appointment needed.

Appointments are available for Friday 10AM-5PM & Saturday 10AM-NOON

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*please check in advance in case of clinic cancelation* 

Click below to expand our Veterinary Services and prices

Health and Wellness Veterinary Exam $35

FVRCP Vaccine $10

RABIES Vaccine $10

FVRCP + RABIES Vaccines $15 (SAVE $5)

Spay/Neuter $60-80

Deworming starting at $8

Flea & Ear Mite Preventative Treatment starting at $10

Microchipping $18

Nail Trimming $10

Cat carriers are available for purchase at $6

Feline Spay $80

Feline Neuter $60

Criptorcid Surgery $90

Soft-tissue Surgery (non-elective) $240 per hour 

*all surgeries prices includes cost for anesthesia, anesthesia monitoring, intubation, and take home pain meds.

Surgeries are available by appointment only


Emergency Examination $75

Hospitalization with Level II Nursing $60 ($15 each additional night)

SUB-Q Fluid Therapy $30

IV Fluid Therapy (includes catheter placement) $53

IV Injection(s) *starting at $38

RX Level 1 (i.e. amoxi-, clavo-, doxy-) *starting at $15

RX Level 2 (i.e. azithro-, clindi-, depo-) *starting at $23

Rx Script $5

*diagnostics and labs include interpretation and sample collection.

Digital radiograph (2 views, 8×10) $75

Digital radiograph, additional (1 view, 8×10) $50

BUN $18

CBC with chemistry panel (Alb, Alkp, Alt, Amy, Ca, Chol, Crea, Glu, Phos, TBil, TP, BUN, electrolytes, [Na, Cl, K]) $90

CBC & PCV $38

Cytology (fine-needle aspirate) $32

Feline leukemia, FIV, heartworm antibody test $36

Feline leukemia, FIV, SNAP Test $24

Giardia elisa $29

Immunity titer test $61

Thyroid panel (T4, T3, Free T4, T4 Autoantibody, T3 Autoantibody, CTSH, Thyroglobulin Autoantibody) $105

Fecal Float $42

Ear Swab $20

Do you offer special prices to Low Income Families?

Yes - If you receive government assistance, please bring either of the following documents to your appointment/visit: EBT Card, Medi-cal Card, WIC Card, Proof of Section 8, and/or proof of receiving befits from Disability, Social Security, or any other type of government assistance.

  1. During Check-in, please ask the receptionist for a LIVS (Low Income Veterinary Services) Application. 
  2. Return your LIVS Form with a current CA Photo ID and your proof of government assistance to the receptionist.
  3. After your LIVS form is accepted, you'll receive a LIVS Card that'll you'll bring with you on each of your veterinary visits to our hospital. 

*LIVS Applications can be completed on the same day of your visit.


Do you offer special prices to Rescue Groups/Organizations?

Yes - If you're a registered 501c3 organization or in the process of completing your nonprofit status, please bring a copy of your letter of determination to our office and request an ALLY Application. After your application is accepted, you'll receive an ALLY card that'll you'll bring with you to each of your visits. 

Registered ALLY groups can receive multiple ALLY cards for each of their foster guardians. 

ALLY groups can also receive NET15/NET30 billing plans as well as make installments on the veterinary service invoices. This is designed so you can get your rescue pet treated while you fundraise to cover the costs of the veterinary services.

Is the ALLY benefits only for Cat Rescue Groups?

No - the ALLY benefits are open to both cat and dog rescues! *Dog patients can not be in-patient and must be treated as outpatient. Outpatient for dog rescues do not incur additional service fees for follow up visits or online support from our veterinary staff.


Do you offer any special prices for individuals who TNR or maintain feral colonies?

Yes - If you're a "trapper" or provide care for a feral colony, you can still receive ALLY benefits even though you're not a registered 501c3. You'll need to register with our Workercat Division as a Trapper or Colony Care Provider (CCP) as well as register your specific colony that you're working with. Trappers/CCPs must complete the online MEOW co. TNR training course in order to be eligible for ALLY benefits. 

Trappers/CCPs must log their colonies' statistics on a monthly basis to maintain ALLY benefit eligibility.

How can I volunteer with the Veterinary Staff?

Volunteers are needed 24/7 to provide care for the critically ill and injured cats in our Cat Hospital. Duties range from veterinary assistants, enclosure cleaning, reception, admin support, and food & medication preparation.  Volunteers are needed around the clock, and we would love to have you join us! Get started by signing up as a MEOW co. volunteer.

How Can I Donate to the Cat Hospital?

The MEOW co. Cat Hospital is a nonprofit veterinary hospital that's managed and run by volunteers to provide affordable veterinary services to the community. You can help us provide for the hundreds of cats & kittens that come through our hospital doors by donating to the hospital. Our low-cost cat hospital registry lists the most-needed supplies to keep our shelter shelves stocked with cat & kitten food, cleaning supplies, and other essentials. Simply purchase you item and have it shipped directly to our low-cost cat hospital. Start shopping

Please note: As much as we wish it were possible, the MEOW co. Cat Hospital is unable to take in walk-ins. All visits are available by appointment only. 

Through our low cost veterinary services, we help you keep your beloved pet. 

No matter the animal or the family, we firmly believe that no pet should go without medical care. Since 2018, our facility has been able to provide animals with affordable medical care at 40 percent less than the cost of most local veterinary clinics.

From routine wellness exams to lifesaving treatments, we keep your cat and your wallet healthy by offering a wide range of veterinary services, including:

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From bringing in your kitten for her first set of vaccines to getting the family cats their annual boosters, we can help make sure your cat's preventative health is up-to-date. 

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Our veterinary staff can perform in-house labs and diagnostics for your feline friend as well as work hand in hand with state of the art labs to provide an in-depth analysis and breakdown of your pet's health.

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Your pet is in great hands with our veterinary surgeons who'll perform elective surgeries such as spay/neuter to non-electives that range from emergency, to complex.

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parasite prevention

Regardless if they're internal or external, our veterinary staff can help your pet be prepared to fight off day to day parasites that they are vulnerable to.

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What next?

After you submit your volunteer application, your NEXT STEP is to enroll in our Veterinary Assistant (VA) course on the St. Gertrude University site. After you reach a certain milestone in your course, you’ll be able to download your VA Skills Sheet and come in for your first day of training in our Cat Hospital. After you complete your training you’ll receive your VA Certificate and your MEOW co.Veterinary Assistant badge.

You can begin your online training >> HERE <<

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Free Veterinary Cat Exam for your newly adopted cat or kitten from a local shelter/rescue - must provide proof of adoption: i.e. adoption packet, shelter medical sheet.

Terms and Conditions
Must show proof of adoption. Free exam offer is only valid within 30 days of your adoption date. Offer available by appointment only - not available during walk-in/vaccine only clinic. Exams are only available for cats/kittens - our hospital is a cat only hospital. Limit is one coupon per adopted pet. *offer is only good for a veterinary exam and does not cover any recommended treatments or medications per the veterinarian. This offer is valued at $35 and is non transferable or redeemable for cash. Redeemable only at MEOW co. Cat Hospital 1215 Eye st., Bakersfield CA 93301

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Start your new cat's health off right. your kitty will thank you later