No-Kill Cat Shelter

Shelter Adoption Center Hours

M-F Noon-5pm / Sat & Sun Noon – 3PM

Our No-Kill Cat Shelter is the heart of MEOW co. It’s a temporary home for 50 abandoned felines that are in processing from municipal animal control shelters to their foreverhomes.

The No-Kill Cat shelter assists disabled, special needs, senior, neonatal, and felines with behavioral issues. Felines residing in the MEOW co. Cat Shelter are either placed in our Transnational Housing or Medical Unit for quarantine so they can receive the much needed medical attention they need before being transported to one of our Satellite Adoption Centers.

the MEOW co. Cat Shelter is also home to one of the few Neonatal Kitten Units (NKU) within Central California. Managed and run by highly trained volunteer Kitten Care Givers, it provides a safe have to hundreds of Abandoned Neonate Kittens. During Kitten Season, the MEOW co. Cat Shelter NKU cares for an average of 750 bottle baby kittens per season. After being stabilized and processed through intake, neonate kittens are then transitioned to trained Foster Guardians, and then placed for adoption.

Our shelter is managed and run by more than 125 volunteers. If you’d like to Volunteer, please click HERE and complete an application.


This year, around 8,000 abandoned cats (two months of age or older) will enter the Bakersfield shelters in need of urgent rescue and care. We are looking for temporary foster homes for hundreds of these loving cats. The foster period typically lasts a short 5-6 weeks for adults and 7-9 weeks for kittens. The cats are then returned back to us so we can find them a loving, permanent home. Learn more about the  MEOW co. foster program


Volunteers are needed each day to rescue cats & kittens from kill shelters. Duties range from shelter assistants, cage cleaning, transportation, admin support, and food preparation.  Volunteers are needed around the clock, and we would love to have you join us! Get started by signing up as a MEOW co. volunteer.


Help us provide for the thousands of cats & kittens in our care by donating to the No-Kill Shelter. Our shelter registry lists the most-needed supplies to keep our shelter shelves stocked with cat & kitten food, cleaning supplies, and other essentials. Simply purchase you item and have it shipped directly to our no-kill cat shelter. Start shopping

Please note: As much as we wish it were possible, the MEOW co. No-Kill Cat Shelter is unable to take in cats or kittens from the public. The shelter is geared solely toward supporting Bakersfield shelter partners.

What next?

After you submit your volunteer application, your NEXT STEP is to enroll in our Cat Shelter Assistant (CSA) course on the St. Gertrude University site. After you complete your course, you’ll be able to download your CSA Skills Sheet and come in for your first day of training in our Cat Shelter. After you complete your training you’ll receive your CSA Certificate and your MEOW co. Cat Shelter Assistant badge.

You can begin your online training >> HERE <<

How far in advance should I sign up for volunteer shifts?

Volunteer shifts should be scheduled as far in advance as possible. Each shelter area has a maximum number of volunteers it can accommodate during each shift and may fill up. To get started, please complete the volunteer application below or contact the Shelter Volunteer Department at or 661-XXX-XXXX

Who can volunteer?

We welcome anyone who is Twelve years old and up, although minors age 12-17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while volunteering. Each adult can supervise up to three minors during a volunteer shift.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

We invite you to participate in the regular routine of cat care such as feeding, cleaning, grooming, etc. Spending time socializing with the cats is also important, as it helps make them more adoptable and gets them closer to a forever home.

For safety considerations, each cat area has its own minimum age requirements.

What are the daily volunteer shifts?

There are two volunteer shifts every day of the year. Shift times are 9:00-11:30 a.m. and 1:00-3:00 p.m. The Shelter is on Pacific Time.

How do I schedule volunteer time?

You have the ease and flexibility of creating your complete volunteer schedule with your coordinator. We suggest you schedule your volunteer shift as far in advance as possible because we get very busy and each volunteer area has a maximum number of volunteers it can accommodate during each shift. To get started complete the Volunteer application below or contact the Volunteer Department at

What happens when I arrive at the shelter?

You will have a pre-scheduled 10-minute check-in at the shelter reception prior to volunteering. A staff member from the shelter will meet with you to provide shelter badges, schedules, and other important information to make your volunteer experience the best it can be. 

Can I take an cat on an outing or sleepover?

Some of our cats and kittens are approved to go with volunteers on sleepovers and some of our cats are approved to go on outings which is a real treat for them. To take a cat on a sleepover or outing you’ll first need to volunteer at least one shift in that specific animal area. No advance reservations are necessary for outings or sleepovers—those arrangements will be made onsite when you’re volunteering.

Please note that if you’re travelling with your own pet(s) you won’t be able to take one of the Sanctuary animals on a sleepover. Also, any children in your group must be six years old to take a cat and 10 years old to take a dog. *MEOW co. does work with dogs from time to time.

What should I wear?

Closed-toe shoes are required for volunteering in all animal areas. Sneakers or hiking shoes are the preferred footwear and shoes must have a heel strap at minimum. Clog type shoes are not permitted as shoes could fall off while walking animals, climbing ladders or performing other volunteer tasks. It’s a good idea to wear long pants in all the areas. We advise dressing in layers during the spring, fall and winter months because the mornings can be chilly and the afternoons warm.

Can my own pets accompany me in the animal areas?

For everyone’s safety, your own pets are not allowed in any of the animal areas nor are they allowed to remain unattended in your vehicle.

Have more questions?

Please email us at or call us at 661-XXX-XXXX. We are open every day at 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., Pacific Time.

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