Thank You for signing up to join Team MEOW!

Please follow the steps below to set up your Team MEOW Fundraising Page. *This walkthrough is to “Join a Current Team” – Creating your own team is a little bit different. To create your own Team MEOW, follow the secondary steps on STEP 2.

Here’s your link to the page (it’ll open up in a separate window automatically)


STEP 1. Click the BUTTON that says “Become a Fundraiser”

STEP 2. Click “Join a Team.” *To Create your own team, click Create Team. You’ll be directed to name your team – it should read like this “Team MEOW – [Your City/School Name].” You’ll set your team goal and then add a custom URL. You URL should read the same as your team name: i.e. /teammeow-bakersfield/ 

STEP 3. Join a Team. A list of currently registered teams will populate in the popup window. You can also search from your team captain.

STEP 4. Create Your Page. The first step is setting your fundraising goal – don’t worry if you’re not too sure on how much you should set, you can always go back and change this later on. The next step is setting your Fundraising end date – we recommend that you set a date a year from today. You’ll use your personal fundraising page for all of your fundraising campaigns so you don’t have to make duplicate pages for other campaigns. The next step is to write you Page’s Headline – this is where you’ll let your family and friends know why you’re fundraising and how they can support you in your campaign. The last step is to create a unique URL for your page. We recommend that you make it your First & Last Name i.e. It’s best to keep your custom URLs short and simple so it’s easy to remember and share with your friends. 

STEP 5. Create your Classy Account. You can either signup with your Facebook account or use your email.

STEP 6. Complete your Profile. Add in your First & Last Name *this helps if your family and friends are trying to find your page to make a donation and can’t remember your unique URL.

STEP 7. Add a photo of yourself. We recommend using a clear and simple photo of yourself. This will be seen on your profile page and will pop up in the Fundraising Leaderboards. You’re also welcome to use a picture of your kitty or a kitty your campaigning for.

Congratulations! Your Team MEOW Fundraising page is complete.

This is a sample of what your Team MEOW Fundraising page will look like. You can post updates to your donors, let them know how your campaign is going, and add photos. You can also share your campaign directly to your Facebook, Twitter, and Email by using the social icons above the DONATE Button.

Thank you again for joining Team MEOW and setting up your fundraising campaign. Our kitties appreciate you taking this step to helping them find their new Foreverhomes. Save the Kitties.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your Team MEOW fundraising account, send us a message at and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

In addition to setting up your fundraising page, our staff will be creating your MEOW co. Workplace Volunteer account – Workplace is where we manage all MEOW co. communications, announcements, and updates. You’ll be receiving an email asking you to “join our workplace team.” Being a Team MEOW member is am official MEOW co. Volunteer position – you are not required to volunteer outside of Team MEOW, but are welcome to sign up to be a volunteer. If you’d like to volunteer with MEOW co. you can ask your Team MEOW coordinator on Workplace on how to get started.

Here’s your link to the page (it’ll open up in a separate window automatically)