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In 2019, nearly 1,000 young kittens will come through the MEOW co. Lifesaving Kitten Nursery in Downtown Bakersfield. Our dedicated team of nursery staff and volunteers provide around the clock care for orphaned kittens and nursing mom cats until they reach adoption age, usually around two months or when kittens weigh two pounds.

The MEOW co. Lifesaving Kitten Nursery in Downtown Bakersfield has cared for several thousand neonatal kittens and nursing mom cats since opening its doors in July of 2016. Cats and kittens are a key part of the Make Kern No-Kill initiative.

The MEOW co. Neonatal Program could not exist without the dedication of its lifesaving volunteers and staff.

To feed and provide basic care and medical treatment for orphaned kittens ranging in age from birth to six-weeks old that are rescued by MEOW co. and brought into the Neonatal Program to be raised to the age of adoption; to feed and provide care and medical treatments for pregnant & nursing cats with their litters.

MEOW co. is one of California’s leading nonprofit cat shelters, kitten nurseries, and cat hospitals. Our Neonatal Kitten staff is highly trained and recognized statewide for their amazing work in saving the lives of orphaned kittens in Southern and Central California.

Volunteers receive full hands on training with seasoned staff and are enrolled in our Bottle Baby Feeding Course.

Volunteers fulfill a minimum of one 3-hour shift per week on a recurring basis

Feed kittens and cats according to feeding procedures and sanitation protocols

Make accurate notes on kitten’s Daily Care Sheets and Feeder Board

Clean kitten’s crates (including but not limited to litter boxes) as needed and according to protocols

Lift and carry up to 20 pounds

Bend and stoop to tend to kittens in bottom enclosures and crates

Be emotionally able to care for fading kittens and those who pass

Work well with others and within a team

Follow the established chain-of-command to solve problems if/when they arise

How to sign up to volunteer in the Kitten Nursery

1. Fill out and submit our Kitten Nursery Volunteer Application below

2. Start your online How to Bottle Feed Kittens course

3. Start saving orphaned kittens!

A MEOW co. Coordinator will contact you with instructions and next steps for your first day in the kitten nursery.

*You can get a head start on your lifesaving training by visiting and enrolling in our How to Bottle Feed Kittens Course.

**16+ years old to volunteer within the Kitten Nursery. (12-15 can volunteer with adult/guardian present).

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