Kitten Season 2018


Become a Kitten Guardian

Last Year, nearly 3,000 neonate kittens were euthanized in Kern County and Bakersfield City Municipal Shelters. Besides needing supplies and funding to sustain our Kitten Unit Operations, the most needed element is You. The kittens need Foster Guardians to to provide a temporary home until they can be either placed within one of our Adoption Centers or find a Foreverhome. We can have all the equipment in the world to save abandoned kittens, but it means nothing without Foster Guardians like You. If you’d like to become a life saving Guardian, please complete and submit our application and we’ll provide you with next steps on saving abandoned kittens.



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Kitten Guardian Needs & Supplies List

These are the current supplies needed to support our Kitten Guardians during the 2018 Kitten Season. The highest priority being  the Transport Carriers, Heating Pads, and Miracle Nipples – these are what allow our kittens to stay warm and safe during checkups and general transport. We modify them into portable kitten incubators to the kittens can have heat anywhere they go.

You can click on the items displayed below or you can visit our Full Amazon Wishlist HERE >> MEOW co Wishlist

Please ship all supplies to “MEOW co. CAT SHELTER 3917 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93309” – you can ship your supply donation anonymously by selecting the option during checkout, but it’d be nice if our kitties knew who the amazing supplies were coming from.

You can always sponsor our kitten medical care & expenses by making a monetary donation below…

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