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Days of No-Kill

The Biggest Campaign To Save the Kitties Has Started


September 1st 2017 will be the beginning of MEOW co.’s campaign to make Kern County No-Kill for the Feline population. Our organization and collation partners will continue the mission to end euthanasia within the local shelters, but we can’t do it alone… We need You and the support of the community to make it happen.


During the campaign we need support in the following operational areas:

  • Shelter Ops – Volunteers are needed to maintain CatCom shelter operations. SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER >
  • Transport – Additional Medical & Center-to-Center Transporters and Sponsors for fuel expenses. SIGN UP TO DRIVE >
  • Adoptions – Adoption Ambassadors, and Sponsors for Adoption fees.
  • Spay & Neuter – Sponsors for Spay & Neuter expenses.
  • Marketing – Volunteers are needed for photography, writing, content creation, and social media management.
  • Data – Volunteers are needed for Adoption/Intake Data Management, and admin management.
  • Foster Guardians – Additional Foster Guardians are needed to support temporary placements.


The campaign to maintain NO-KILL status will be sustainable, scale and save more lives when caring supporters like You Sponsor an abandoned cat or kitten. Many of these kittens have been waiting to be rescued from the “Put to Sleep” simply because they are not fixed or need necessary vaccines.

You can be the difference in a kitten who is close to euthanasia by sponsoring her with a Spay/Neuter Voucher, and or by giving the gift of adoption by covering the Adoption Fee.


Fix-it-Ticket Spay Neuter Voucher

Fit-it-Ticket: Sponsors can cover the costs of getting an abandoned Cat or Kitten Spayed/Neutered. This is often the biggest factor in deciding if a feline is euthanized within a municipal shelter or not. Not only does this better the chance of getting the kitties out of the shelter, but it’s the greatest answer to population control. For every Fit-it-Ticket gift, we’ll place a MEOW co. Blue Scissor Cut-out with your (or your company’s) name on it so everyone will know you helped save the life of an abandoned kitty.

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Purr it Forward Adoption Gift

Purr it Forward: Sponsors have the opportunity to cover upcoming adoption fees. This can be an aMEOWzing surprise for a loving family looking to adopt their next furry friend. They won’t know that their adoption fee has already been covered by You until they’re finalizing their application. The new Adopters will also be given to opportunity to cover the adoption fees for the next kitty waiting for their Foreverhome. This is Purrfect for the sponsor looking to give the gift of Love. For every Purr it Forward gift, we’ll place a MEOW co. Blue Kitty Cut-out with your (or your company’s) name on it so everyone will know you helped save the life of an abandoned kitty.



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During this campaign to Make Kern County “No-Kill,” we need as many volunteers as possible to make it happen. From Shelter Assistants, & Transporters, to Marketing Assistants & Development Associates. Please use the form below if you’d like to Volunteer with MEOW co. and support our No-Kill campaign. We look forward to having you a part of the mission to Save the Kitties and in joining our crazy cat loving family.