“Chapters are the lifeblood of the advoCATs. I have a special place in my heart for new chapters – building something from the ground up isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. Save the Kitties.”

Melanie Juarez, MEOW co.  Chief Executive Office / Chairwoman

Current Chapters

Cal State University Bakersfield – Charter Status Pending

Bakersfield College – Charter Status Pending

Don’t see your school? Maybe you should start a advoCATs chapter.


The mission of the advoCATs is to Recruit, Train, and Empower every existing and potential advoCAT to grow the Animal Advocacy on campus. In order for a advoCATs Chapter to be effective and have purpose, it should strive to:

✓ Represent the advoCATs and MEOW co.

✓ Bring an ideological balance to the campus

✓ Recruit potential advoCATs on college campuses

✓ Help abandoned cats & kittens find their forever homes.

Representing the advoCATs on Campus

It is the responsibility of the club and its officers to make sure that the advoCATs, its goals, and its principles are represented on campus. There are endless ways to represent the organization on your campus, but here are a few examples to give you an idea:

✓ Challenge preconceived notions and misrepresentations of Animal Welfare Acts

✓ Initiate and support Animal Welfare Advocacy students running for student government

✓ Participate in cultural events

✓ Participate in annual events (e.g. National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month)

Starting a Club

Starting a club from scratch may seem overwhelming, but start by focusing on a basic formula:

✓ Become recognized by your campus

✓ Initial recruitment

✓ Hold a first meeting

✓ Begin building your digital, advocacy, and fundraising plans

If you’d like to start an advoCATs club on your campus/school, follow these steps:

  1. Download the advoCATs Chapter Reference Guide
  2. Download the advoCATs Chapter Bylaws – print & fill in your school’s name in Article I: Section A.
  3. Find Two or more fellow students/classmates that would like to be a part of your advoCATs chapter *they must be current students at your campus. You need at-least Three executive officers to run your club: President/Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  4. Connect with your student government and submit the necessary forms of club incorporation: advoCATs Bylaws, Roster of Officers, etc.
  5. Once your student government approves your club, submit a copy of all forms of incorporation including the Minutes stating that your school has approved your club to the advoCATs Headquarters via email at
  6. After your documents are submitted for review and chartering, you’ll receive your starter kits for your chapter.
  7. Start recruiting members for your chapter.
  8. Hold your first chapter meeting (it’s recommended that you have an initial planning meeting with your executive officers to get situated and review all supporting chapter documentation prior to your first official public meeting).
  9. Start advocating on behalf of abandoned cats & kittens and join the mission to Save the Kitties!

Feel free to email the advoCATs headquarter staff for any questions or support with starting your club as well as any advice for future activities.

Here are your advoCATs guides & documentations for download: