advoCATs Bakersfield College


Club Meeting Location/Date & Time(s): 

2ND & 4TH FRIDAYS @12:30PM at BCSGA Executive Boardroom, CC-5


Erica Valles





Inner Club Council Rep





The mission of the advoCATs is to Recruit, Train, and Empower every existing and potential advoCAT to grow the Animal Advocacy on campus. In order for a advoCATs Chapter to be effective and have purpose, it should strive to:

✓ Represent the advoCATs and MEOW co.

✓ Bring an ideological balance to the campus

✓ Recruit potential advoCATs on college campuses

✓ Help abandoned cats & kittens find their forever homes.

Representing the advoCATs on Campus

It is the responsibility of the club and its officers to make sure that the advoCATs, its goals, and its principles are represented on campus. There are endless ways to represent the organization on your campus, but here are a few examples to give you an idea:

✓ Challenge preconceived notions and misrepresentations of Animal Welfare Acts

✓ Initiate and support Animal Welfare Advocacy students running for student government

✓ Participate in cultural events

✓ Participate in annual events (e.g. National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month)