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We’ve saved more than 1,000 Cats & Kittens since opening our No-Kill Cat Shelter’s doors in January 2017 and meow we’re taking the next step to save even more. We’re building a Low-Cost Cat Hospital, and we need your help to make it happen.

Build a Low-cost Cat Hospital

by MEOW co. Cat Shelter

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Campaign Story

MEOW co. was founded for one purpose – to Save abandoned cats & kittens from local shelter’s “put to sleep” lists and give them another chance at life.

We’ve successfully held true to our purpose and mission since opening our No-Kill Cat Shelter’s doors in the beginning of 2017. With help of a dedicated team of volunteers, we were able to save more than 1,000 abandoned cats & kittens.

Within those 1,000 rescues, we found homes for more than 900 of them with the difference currently residing in either a foster home, our cat shelter, or one of our adoption centers getting ready to go to a Foreverhome.

We’re proud of the impact we’ve had in the community and of the lives we’ve saved. But, after a careful analysis our shelter statistics, we discovered that we could’ve in fact saved more lives. The biggest hurdle we faced was not just an issue of shelter capacity or finances, but also in having access to Veterinary care. And that’s about to change!

For the last several months, our staff has been working around the clock to make improvements and renovations to our Cat Shelter. From renovating our Cat Lounge to improving our medical unit, we have been taking the steps to expanding our medical capabilities. Through the combined efforts of Dr. Carly Titanich and Director Melanie Juarez, we’ve added the ability to run minor labs and diagnostics, give FREE health & wellness checkups for our adopted felines, and provide care for the ill felines within the shelter.

But as we continue to save cats & kittens from kill shelters, we’re ready to take the next step and build our shelter into a Low-cost Cat Hospital for the community. The Hospital will not only be a cat haven for our felines friends to come in for a check up and exams, it’ll be a place for pet owners to go and not have to worry about affording care for their furry friend.

The Cat Hospital will have General Veterinary capabilities which include vaccines, spays & neuters, and other lite surgeries. We’ll even have minor capabilities to care for felines in an emergency capacity. But the services offered by the hospital it doesn’t end there. The next element of the Hospital is the resource that we plan to make it for the other rescues within the community – yes, that includes dog rescues too!

Even though the Cat Hospital will be just that – a Cat Hospital, we will be a much needed resource for the surrounding Cat & Dog rescues. We believe that by offering veterinary services to rescues for the cost of supplies and equipment will allow these rescues the ability to focus on what they do best… rescue more animals.

The reality is that most Veterinary practices will only give rescues 10-15% off the cost of services. And for some rescues who rescue a cat or doggo with an unknown medical history or maybe an animal someone brought in that was just hit by a car, paying a $2,000-7,000 medical bill could mean the difference in not saving more animals tomorrow or having to say goodbye to a furry friend because they can’t afford the bill.

Financial hardship is an everyday foe in the life of a rescue organization. Rescues often have to spend thousands of dollars on medical care for one of their four legged friends just so they can get the chance at finding a Foreverhome. They do this because they have nothing but love for these animals who put their faith in them. And it hurts their hearts each time they can’t afford medical care or don’t have the fund to rescue one more animal.

With the MEOW co. Cat Shelter, we hope to put an end to some of the financial hardships local rescue organizations face, and ultimately work toward our mission to make Kern County a No-Kill county. But, we can’t do it without your support.

Though we’ve already laid out a lot of the initial foot work to get the hospital built and running, we still need more medical equipment/supplies, lab and diagnostic machines, medical kennels/enclosures, medicine, and more. With the funds raised from this campaign, we’ll be able to purchase a Radiology table & machine, Anesthesia machine and lighting for spays & neuters, ultrasound and everything else that we need to save lives.

So what do you say? Wanna be a part of the mission to save not only the lives of abandoned cats & kittens, but the lives pups and doggo too? We can build a Low-cost Cat Hospital and save lives, but we need your support today to do it. Together, we can Save the Kitties (and doggo too).



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