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Preventive Care

We focus on preventive veterinary care to promote and improve overall pet health. Routine check-ups allow us to diagnose, treat and protect your pet from contracting serious, costly and sometimes fatal diseases. Offering a holistic approach to pet health, we partner with our clients to make sure their pets receive proper preventive care through:

      • Vaccinations
      • Parasite Control (heartworm, flea/tick, deworming)
      • Nutritional Counseling
      • Behavioral Counseling
      • Comprehensive Examinations

Protect Your Pet with a Cat Wellness Package

Specifically designed to make preventive veterinary care practical and affordable, our Cat Wellness Package help provide the care your pet needs to maintain optimal health.

A Word About Microchipping

We highly recommend microchipping for all dogs and cats. Powered by Found Animals, our program gives your pet a unique ID number inside a microchip placed beneath their skin. The ID number is linked to your contact information and your pet's medical records—increasing the chances your pet will be returned to you if they lose their collar and tags. 

General Surgery

From spay and neuter services to more complex veterinary surgical procedures, your neighborhood goodcat Veterinary Hospital always operates with safety in mind.

In fact, we use many of the same safety measures as human hospitals. Performing most of the pre‐surgery blood work at our in-house lab, we are able to make sure your pet is healthy enough for the procedure.

Depending on the urgent nature of the surgery, pre‐surgical abnormalities will be addressed, drug selections may be modified and sometimes surgeries are postponed or even canceled until the surgical team feels the surgery is safe to perform.

Once anesthesia is deemed safe for the patient, we use monitoring equipment to track vital signs and pay close attention to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet.

Below you'll find a list of common procedures for cats and kittens, along with links to important information about veterinary surgery.

Common Procedures

      • Spay/neuter
      • Mass removals
      • Wound care
      • Gastrointestinal and urinary bladder procedures
      • Basic ophthalmic and orthopedic procedures

Pre- and Post-Surgery Information

If your cat or kitten is scheduled for veterinary surgery of any kind, we recommend that you read these helpful handouts to learn more about what to expect before and after the procedure.

      • Your Pet is Having Surgery: What to Expect
      • Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Learn More

The following articles can help you make the best decision when considering veterinary surgery for your pet.

      • What You Should Know About Neutering Your Dog Or Cat

Pet Illness Treatment Services

goodcat's expertise in treating pet illness is just as comprehensive as our standard preventive care measures. Just like you, every pet's health experiences a hiccup now and then. Using the best diagnostic technology, goodcat treats a wide variety of pet illnesses, from short-term infections to longer-term conditions.

Acute Illnesses

In this instance, "acute" doesn't describe severity, but rather how quickly an illness develops and how long it lasts. Acute illnesses are often isolated incidents, usually curable with straightforward treatments. The most common acute illnesses we see are:

      • Vomiting
      • Diarrhea
      • Dehydration
      • Parasite Infections (internal & external)
      • Bacterial & Viral Infections
      • Ear Infections
      • Anal Gland Infections
      • Urinary Tract Infections
      • Skin Conditions & Allergies
      • Upper Respiratory Illness
      • Acute Injuries (struck by car, fractures, sprains, strains)
      • Intestinal Foreign Objects
      • Ingested Toxins (foods, plants, household chemicals, etc.)
      • Behavioral Disorders (phobias, aggression)

Our treatment options for acute illnesses include:

      • Medications
      • Antibiotics
      • IV Fluids
      • Dietary Changes
      • Highest Quality Monitoring Equipment
      • Pain Management
      • Nutritional Management
      • Post-Op Care
      • Anti-Depressants
      • Regular Follow-Up Calls

Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are persistent illnesses that don't necessarily have a cure. Instead, they are managed with medications and treatments that help control symptoms and maintain the pet's quality of life. The most common chronic conditions we see are:

      • Obesity
      • Heart Disease
      • Kidney Disease
      • Thyroid Disease
      • Arthritis
      • Chronic Allergies
      • Diabetes Mellitus
      • Periodontal Disease
      • Chronic Pain

Our treatment options for chronic conditions include:

      • Medications
      • Dietary Changes
      • Lifestyle Changes
      • Specially Formulated Nutritional Products
      • Pain Management
      • Weight Management
      • Regular Follow-Up Calls

goodcat Veterinary Hospital Features

goodcat insists on giving our clients the best in technology, access and convenience to better serve them and keep their pets healthy and happy.

Convenient Location and Evening/Weekend Hours

We partner high-quality pet health care with personal convenience:

      • Located in Downton Bakersfield, CA
      • Flexible pick-up and drop-off options
      • Convenient evening and weekend hours

In-House Lab

goodcat Veterinary Hospital is equipped with an in-house lab, enabling quicker results on tests crucial to your pet's health. Faster test results lead to quicker diagnoses and treatment recommendations. goodcat can run these tests in ONE DAY, rather than the 2–3 days needed with an offsite lab:

      • Heartworm
      • Parasite Testing
      • Pre-Surgical Blood Work
      • Lyme Disease
      • FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus)
      • FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)
      • Ehrlichia
      • Full Blood Chemistry Panel
      • Complete Blood Count

In-House Pharmacy

Whether you're visiting for a scheduled appointment or picking up supplies location, you can save time and money by filling your pet's prescription at our on-site pharmacy.

Digital X-Ray Machines

Digital x-ray machines make evaluating abnormalities easier. Images can be enhanced or enlarged. The hospital team receives images in less time and can send them out electronically to specialists (versus regular mail), if needed. Digital x-ray machines also afford the ability to store images.

In an Emergency

goodcat is a primary care provider. During regular hospital hours, goodcat can provide urgent care assistance. We will partner with you to determine whether referral to a specialty or emergency hospital is in your pet’s best interest. Depending on your pet’s individual needs and hospital capacity, assistance may consist of:

      • Urgent care stabilization
      • Referrals to specialty or emergency hospitals
      • Laboratory testing and x-rays
      • IV fluid therapy, pain control, infection treatments
      • Wound and fracture care
      • Treatment for poisonings or seizures
In emergency situations, time may be of the essence. Contact your local veterinarian immediately in an emergency to alert them to your pet’s situation, so they may better prepare or appropriately refer you to an emergency hospital. During non-hospital hours, please contact your local emergency hospital.

Some examples of an emergency may include:

      • Having a difficult time breathing
      • Has been hit by a car
      • Has ingested something poisonous
      • Is bleeding
      • Is having a seizure
      • Is having difficulty urinating
      • Is vomiting excessively
      • Is experiencing excessive diarrhea
      • Is having a difficult time giving birth

First Aid Kit

It's a good idea to put together a pet first aid kit and store it in a place you can access quickly and easily. Make sure the kit includes:

      • Phone numbers of your veterinarian & after-hours animal hospital
      • Rolled gauze
      • Nonstick bandages, small towels, clean cloth strips (NO Band-Aids®!)
      • Elastic bandage
      • First aid tape
      • Scissors
      • Extra leash
      • Muzzle
      • Digital rectal thermometer
      • Eye dropper
      • Hydrogen peroxide
      • Diphenhydramine

Why do I need all of these? »

Trust Your Instincts

You know your pet better than anyone. If your instincts tell you something might be wrong with your pet, err on the side of caution and contact your goodcat team.

Please Note

Cat Wellness Packages do not include emergency services, but discounts may apply depending on plan level and type of service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Services Offered at goodcat Veterinary Hospital

Q. Does goodcat treat dogs or exotic pets?

We only offer veterinary services and treatment for cats and kittens.

Q. Does goodcat offer 24-hour emergency care?

While goodcat offer extended weekday and weekend hours for urgent care needs, we do not offer 24-hour emergency pet care.

Q. Does goodcat offer microchipping services?

Yes, all goodcat Veterinary Hospital locations offer microchipping services with the Found Animals.

Q. What surgical procedures does goodcat offer?

Our skilled veterinary teams are trained and equipped to perform various surgical procedures with the most up-to-date technologies and techniques. Some of the most common procedures at our hospitals include:

  • Spay/neuter
  • Mass removals
  • Wound care
  • Gastrointestinal and urinary bladder procedures
  • Basic ophthalmic and orthopedic procedures

You can find out more about goodcat’s safety-first surgical procedures, and get pre- and post-operation information on our general surgery page.

Q. Does goodcat perform euthanasia?

In the event that you have made the difficult decision to end a diminished quality of life in a humane manner, goodcat offers several end-of-life services cats, including euthanasia and assistance with farewell decisions such as burial ceremonies and cremation.

If you are considering euthanasia, we strongly encourage you to speak with your goodcat veterinarian about your options.

Q. What preventive pet health care services does goodcat offer?

We believe that preventive care is the most effective way to keep your pet healthy throughout all stages of life. Our pet hospitals offer many preventive care treatments, including:

      • Vaccinations
      • Parasite Control
      • Nutritional Counseling
      • Behavioral Counseling
      • Comprehensive Examinations

You can learn more about our approach to preventive pet health care and our Cat Wellness Packages in our Preventive Pet Health Care section.

Q. Does goodcat offer nutrition and behavioral counseling?

Yes — as a part of our commitment to preventive pet health care, all goodcat Veterinary Hospital locations offer nutrition counseling based on your dog or cat’s dietary needs. Our veterinary team also offers behavioral counseling as part of our holistic approach to preventive pet care. Learn more about how your dog or cat’s behavior could be indicative of his or her overall health in our Behavior section.

Clear, transparent pricing

Every cat is unique. Every vet visit is, too.

1215 Eye st., Bakersfield CA 93301

Walk-in Clinic: Every Friday & Saturday from 1PM-5PM 

Surgeries take place Friday & Saturday mornings. Appointments preferred, walk in subject to availability.

Drop off between 8-9 am. Surgeries are Same day pick-up.

*special pricing available for low-income pet parents, and nonprofit rescues – subject to verification. All pricing and fees are subject to change at any time without notice.

Schedule Your Spay/Neuter Appointment Today


$ 79
  • Pre-surgical Veterinary Exam
  • Anesthesia Monitoring
  • Take Home Pain Medication & Cone


$ 59
  • Pre-surgical Veterinary Exam
  • Anesthesia Monitoring
  • Take Home Pain Medication & Cone

Surgeries take place Friday & Saturday mornings. Appointments preferred, walk in subject to availability.

Drop off between 8-9 am. Surgeries are Same day pick-up.

*special pricing available for low-income pet parents, and nonprofit rescues – subject to verification. All pricing and fees are subject to change at any time without notice.

What is a "Non-Profit" cat hospital?

All proceeds from your visit go towards helping other cats in need - this includes funding the medical care of the kittens in the nursery, adults rescued from kill-shelters, and subsidizing medical care for cats from low income families.  

Do you offer special prices to Low Income Families?

Yes - If you receive government assistance, please bring either of the following documents to your appointment/visit: EBT Card, Medi-cal Card, WIC Card, Proof of Section 8, and/or proof of receiving befits from Disability, Social Security, or any other type of government assistance.

  1. During Check-in, please ask the receptionist for a LIVS (Low Income Veterinary Services) Application. 
  2. Return your LIVS Form with a current CA Photo ID and your proof of government assistance to the receptionist.
  3. After your LIVS form is accepted, you'll receive a LIVS Card that'll you'll bring with you on each of your veterinary visits to our hospital. 

*LIVS Applications can be completed on the same day of your visit.

Do you offer special prices to Rescue Groups/Organizations?

Yes - If you're a registered 501c3 organization or in the process of completing your nonprofit status, please bring a copy of your letter of determination to our office and request an ALLY Application. After your application is accepted, you'll receive an ALLY card that'll you'll bring with you to each of your visits. 

Registered ALLY groups can receive multiple ALLY cards for each of their foster guardians. 

ALLY groups can also receive NET15/NET30 billing plans as well as make installments on the veterinary service invoices. This is designed so you can get your rescue pet treated while you fundraise to cover the costs of the veterinary services.

Is the ALLY benefits only for Cat Rescue Groups?

No - the ALLY benefits are open to both cat and dog rescues! *Dog patients can not be in-patient and must be treated as outpatient. Outpatient for dog rescues do not incur additional service fees for follow up visits or online support from our veterinary staff.

Do you offer any special prices for individuals who TNR or maintain feral colonies?

Yes - If you're a "trapper" or provide care for a feral colony, you can still receive ALLY benefits even though you're not a registered 501c3. You'll need to register with our Workercat Division as a Trapper or Colony Care Provider (CCP) as well as register your specific colony that you're working with. Trappers/CCPs must complete the online MEOW co. TNR training course in order to be eligible for ALLY benefits. 

Trappers/CCPs must log their colonies' statistics on a monthly basis to maintain ALLY benefit eligibility.

How can I volunteer with the Veterinary Staff?

Volunteers are needed 24/7 to provide care for the critically ill and injured cats in our Cat Hospital. Duties range from veterinary assistants, enclosure cleaning, reception, admin support, and food & medication preparation.  Volunteers are needed around the clock, and we would love to have you join us! Get started by signing up as a MEOW co. volunteer.

How Can I Donate to the Cat Hospital?

goodcat VeterinaryHospital is a nonprofit veterinary hospital that's managed and run by volunteers to provide affordable veterinary services to the community. You can help us provide for the hundreds of cats & kittens that come through our hospital doors by donating to the hospital. Our low-cost cat hospital registry lists the most-needed supplies to keep our shelter shelves stocked with cat & kitten food, cleaning supplies, and other essentials. Simply purchase you item and have it shipped directly to our low-cost cat hospital. Start shopping

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