Celebrate The Life of a Beloved

Honor a person or pet's memory by creating a memorial campaign to share with your friends and family.

Pledge to Donate Your Birthday

Make the pledge and we'll send you a reminder before your birthday to start your campaign.

Run for the Kitties

Receive guaranteed race entry along with other great benefits by signing up with Team MEOW running team and fundraising for cats & kittens today!

DIY Fundraising

Birthday Campaign

Donate your birthday to kittens.

Wedding Campaign

Say "I Do" to giving kittens a Happily Ever After!

Memorial Campaign

Celebrate the life of a beloved person or feline.

Fundraiser Event

Host a fundraiser event and get a free toolkit!

Special Occasion Campaign

Any occasion can help orphaned kittens in need!

Rock Star Cats Campaign

Honor the rock star cats in your life

How it Works

Create Your Campaign

Start a personalized campaign on your Facebook page that highlight why you want to raise funds for orphaned kittens.

Spread the Word

Be sure to let everyone know about your campaign so they can contribute and help you Save the Kitties.

Help Kitties in Need

The money you raise will go towards helping kittens who desperately need it!

Athletic Events

August 4, 2018

Tour de Meow Los Angeles, GRIFFITH PARK

January 26, 2019

Tour de Meow Bakersfield, RIVERWALK PARK

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